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We are a Family Oriented Jeep owners club.

We attend several events during the year including The Annual Blessing of the Jeeps, Trail Rides and Offroad park trips. We also have Barbecues, Camping Trips, Bowling night and Much Much More planned for the year!
For more info on Joining "Dirty" Minds, please attend one of our monthly meetings held on the 1st Monday of every month, 7pm at CJ's Upper Deck Restaurant(Formally Peppis) in Waterford, or contact us here.
Thank You and enjoy the site. We are constantly working on changing things around, if you have any suggestions let us know! JEEP ON!!

How to become a member:

  1. Contact Us
  2. Attend a total of 3 Meetings/Events
  3. Complete membership form
  4. The club votes
  5. Pay Membership Dues/Get Stickers!

Want to come out wheeling with us? Fill this out and bring it with you... release

To view our club by-laws click here

Click here for the 2016 Board of Directors




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